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Custom requests

Custom orders are always welcome. Just fill out the form in the about section and tell me what is in your mind and any customizations you'd like to make. We go through it together and finalize the concept. It takes about one month to make it.


Material, style and technique used

Each piece is handcrafted from quality local materials and each has its own unique shape and touch. I use two types of clay. I mostly prefer white ceramic clay in my work and the other clay type I use contains some amount of grog. This adds sand-like rustic texture to the final piece. Pieces are made by hand-built technique.


Care instructions

Each piece is dishwasher/microwave safe. However, the best way to take care of your piece is to wash it by hand and dry it with a cloth very quickly in  particular the unglazed parts which can be at the bottom of your ceramic piece. For the microwave, I advise to place your ceramic there very occasionally as you may risk damaging the piece, it will be less waterproof.


Return and exchange options

For damages during shipment, please contact me with pictures or a video. I will provide a free replacement with a similar item.

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